About Ability First

Ability First, LLC provides care to individuals who are eligible for DD Waiver, as well as private care.  Ability First is committed to providing the highest quality of care to individuals receiving Family Living, In-Home Community Support, Supported Living and Respite Care Services.

Living Supports consists of both Supported Living and Family Living Services. This is intended for individuals who require 24 hours of care/supervision, seven days a week to ensure health and safety. These services are intended to increase and promote independence, address assessed needs and identified individual outcomes. These services support individuals to live as independently as possible in the community setting of their choice. Living Support providers take positive steps to protect and promote the dignity, privacy, legal rights, autonomy and individuality of each person who receives services.

Supported Living is a living environment in which consists of three or four DD Waiver clients who are cared for by awake staff, 24-hours a day, seven days a week. The idea behind Supported Living is to identify individuals that are compatible with one another enough to live with each other on a daily basis. In Support Living, they can participate within the community as a group or individually with staff accompanied at all times. The Direct Care Staff are paid staff who completed a thorough background check and all trainings required by the State of New Mexico.

Family Living Services is an individual living in a home environment with one or two primary caregivers, either natural family members or surrogate family. The idea behind this is to live in a natural family-living environment being less restrictive as opposed to Supported Living. The Family Living Provider is a paid provider who completed a thorough background check and all trainings required by the State of New Mexico.

Respite Care Services provide support to an individual and give the primary caregiver time away from their duties. The Respite Provider can also assist the individual in many activities listed below. Respite Services may be delivered in the individuals home, provider’s home or a community setting of the family’s choice. Respite Care Providers also must meet the same background checks and all trainings required by the State of New Mexico.

In-Home Community Support is designed specifically to increase and maintain the individuals skills, independence and promote self- advocacy. In- Home Community Support is for individuals who need less than 24-hour staff support per day. These individuals will not have overnight staff and will be scheduled with staff support anywhere from five to 25 hours of assistance per week.

Customized Employment Services

Our Services include:

Assistance with money managment.

Meal planning and preparation.

Routine household care.

Community integration, access and utilization.

Promote, develop and maintain social, spiritual and individual relationships.

Implement behavior support and crisis plans.

Develop and maintain recreation, leisure and exercise activities.

Health maintenance and monitoring.

Transportation of individuals to medical and dental appointments, day services, leisure activities and recreational services.

Personal Care.

Monitor medical and pharmaceutical needs.

Provide assistance with self-administeration of medication including the use of medication aides.

Nutritional counseling.

Assistance to individual who require a wheelchair for mobility and need physical assistance for bathing, dressing and transfers.

Implement activities in support of therapy plans.

Nursing Services.

Home Based Provider agency will provide respite services for direct care providers upon request.

Our Values of Quality Service

  • Affirm, protect and advocate the rights of individuals.
  • Teach and support individuals in making informed decisions.
  • Develop personal decision-making skills.
  • Enhance community integration and social relationships.
  • Provide family support.

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