Training Information

Ability First, LLC conveniently offers training classes required by the State of New Mexico to all those who need of certifications and re-certifications. This is not limited to just Ability First employees and contractors, but open to all those who are in need of these training classes.

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The training classes that are offered at Ability First are as follows:

  • Agency Orientation
  • Incident Reporting: Abuse Neglect and Exploitation- 2016 DHI Standards
  • CPR/ First Aid Certification and Re-Certification
  • Assisting With Medication Delivery (AWMD) Certification and Re-Certification

Agency Orientation

The initial class that describes the work environment as well as what is expected of you as an Ability First employee/ subcontractor. In Agency orientation, you will go over agency documentation, job responsibilities, defensive driving, blood borne pathogens and agency policies and procedures.

Incident Reporting: Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation

Abuse, neglect, and exploitation will help you learn the signs of these three acts as well as the means of reporting incidents. We are now training the new DHI- ANE standards.


This class teaches the participants how to provide CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and FA (first aid) in case an emergency situation occurs. This certification that is received is good for two years from the date of certification. Every person that works with our individuals is required to be certified in CPR/ FA.

Assisting With Medication Delivery

Assisting With Medication Delivery is a two-day class in which the participant will learn how to correctly and accurately administer medicine to those individuals that you are assisting.


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